Create a narrative that outlines the mixing process and challenges you faced. How did you achieve acoustical clarity?

My mixing process was very fun. Instead of getting all my sound samples from my computer/logic, I actually recorded my own sounds using one of the mic's. What I did first was I planned out what kind of sounds I needed and which ones were available for me to record. I wrote them down chronologically according to the video clip. For some sounds, that I couldn't seem to record, I used the sound samples on Logic. Once I uploaded all of my sounds on to Logic, I cut them up and put them in time and lined them up with the video. Once everything was in order, I then changed the eq's and used the automation tool on each track, I used some reverb, some fade in's and outs, changed some pitches, etc... Some of the challenges I faced were timing, and finding the right sound effects. For some parts of the video, I couldn't match the right sound effect with it soooo what I did was I used different sound effects from other parts of the video and tweaked them to my liking in order to get a decent sound. For example the gate squeaks were actually door opening sound samples from the doors in the riley center. I achieved acoustical clarity by focusing, staying organized, and by not restricting myself. I used many sound samples like my own that I recorded and ones that were on Logic. I also used sound samples that weren't the actual ones in the video. For example, when the guy strummed the fence with a pen....I actually strummed some pipes in the dressing room. Instead of using a padlock and chain sound sample for that section in the video, I used a keychain sound sample. I EXPANDED MY HORIZONS AND I ACHIEVED ACOUSTICAL CLARITY!!!



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