- dynamic microphone- multi purpose
shore sm58 microphone most commonly used
people on stage, wont pick up different frequencies, can drop it

- Condenser microphone
requires power to operate
akg414 doesnt pick up much info, cannot pick up low frequencies in you don't want them
don't put next to loud sound
voice in studio, not on stage

- testing microphone, condenser
Behringer ecm 8,000
testing acoustics in rooms
omni-directional....picks up from all around the microphone

- condenser mic
large diaphram mic, cheaper version of akg414
audio technica AT4033 mic
they are held in a shock mounts

- usb mic, condenser mic
run headphones into it

-black thing, spit shield
pop filter

-variable d mic
slots on the side...allow to pick up higher frequencies a lot easier

- hanging condenser mic
overhead usage...like on symbols on drums, or choir mics
requires a battery or phantom power (low voltage sent through a cable)
wire thing to get better direction
phantom power box...wall to the device and then to mic

wind screen

- surface mic
picks up on vibrations of surface
pianos, sound board of piano
also on tap dancing
condenser but not really cause its a pzm

a cable tester
- when the red light, theres a circuit
- diff. cables

-shure beta 250a
dynamic mic
kick drums
-drum kit mic
sm 57 cause of capsule on top

mic cord:

female male
3 pins
x- ground
l- line
r- return
very long distance

-patch cord
quarter inch cable
there are 2 rings

-thick quarter inch speaker cables

- RCA connecter/cable
cameras, red, yellow, white
video signal
cd players into amplifiers

-converters to change impedence
impedence tranformers

- devices, sex changers

-wireless device
allow you to send a signal to a receiver

- speakon cable
back of speakers
they click, and can't pull them out
speakon to a quarter inch
diff. shapes

- banana clips
old amplifiers
take a regular speaker wire, allow you to have a connector on the end....clean connection

extenders are dumb

1/8 inch
standard audio

jack changers

RCA to 1/4 inch convertor