When using the Cardiod effect on the AKG 414 and up close..... the high frequencies/high pitch sound bell-like.....kind of peaking....but the sound sounds more distributed than when its on omni effect

the Cardiod effect and far away (the length of the instrument) sounds like the real thing.
the Cardiod effect when really far away (3x the length of instrument) you can hear the natural ambiance.....but you can tell that the source of sound is really far away.....

the omni close sounds very straight forward, VERY bell like on the higher pitches

on the omni far away you can hear the natural ambiance barely and there are a few peaks

the omni really far away you can hear the natural ambiance but not as much as on the cardiod effect.



Cardioid on close with reverb (ambience) it sounds wayyyyy better....you don't get as much of the belly sound but you still get some of the peaks

Cardioid far away with reverb (ambiance) sounds pretty decent.. not bad couple of high pitches

Cardioid really far away with reverb has sooo much ambience

OMNI close with reverb has so much ambience and doesn't really eliminate any of the bell-y sound

OMNI far away with reverb, you don't hear the bell-y sound but there is quite an amount of ambiance...like doubled, some peaks

OMNI really far away with reverb...SO MUCH AMBIENCE AND SOUNDS REALLY FAR AWAY.....